Uinta Brewing Wyld Extra Pale Ale Beer Review

Wyld Extra Pale Ale
Uinta Brewing Co. – Salt Lake City, UT
ABV: 4.0%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 7
Under 5% alcohol? Check. Non-aggressive style? Check. Not carbonated like a Pepsi Max? Check. This beer has what it takes to be one of the most chuggable of all time. I may pick up a 6-pack of these just to use when you least expect it in a #surprisebeerchug
How Much: 5
Uinta makes some solid beers, Wyld Extra Pale is no exception, but they’re looking for you to drop 11.99$ per six-pack to indulge in this brew. If it were, say, capable of maybe giving you half of a buzz then maybe it’d be worth the 12 bones. 6 Wylds, however, will leave you not only desperate for some more nectar, but you still won’t have the courage to talk to that hot chick across the bar. A little more bang for your buck is definitely available all around, but if you’re an extra pale ale guy this isn’t a bad choice
Uhhh…Taste: 6
6 felt perfect for this Wyld brew. Although it was hoppy with a low citrus aroma, it was somewhat thin and fairly watery. It had a nice clean crisp finish, but the low carbonation left my mouth wanting more, which is a sentence that I regret typing right away. It’s nothing to write home about (if you’re still writing Mom letters about anything), but it’s better than most of the “take it or leave it” beers out there. I’d have it again for sure, but it’s going to be a 6 every time
Gettability: 7
Uinta throws this Wyld bottle onto shelves year round in 24 states. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s out there for half of us!

Overall Rating:   6.4

Jams: Eminem ft. Rihanna – The Monster



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  1. That’s a hellava nice chug. I like Uinta, but they’re kind of hit or miss. I might give this a try if I’m ever in the mood for a ‘6’

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