New Dog Chug

Everybody needs a drinking buddy, am I right? What better drinking buddy than man’s best friend, the dog. I present to you my new dog, Walter, the pug mix. When a man is down, the dog will be there. When a man is happy, the dog will be there. When a man needs a drink, the dog will gladly sit by in awe of his new human friend as he slams back a delicious brew. I’ll tell ya, you won’t find a cat with this kind of loyalty. Woof, Woof, ladies and gentlemen, and cheers to Walt the pup!

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Team Chug always takes advantage of Happy Hour


The thing about Happy Hour is that it’s only an hour. Or, you know…a couple hours. At any rate, it doesn’t last forever and there’s two ways you can handle that. You can sip your beer and just accept your fate that you’re only going to get one or two discounted drinks…or you can do what Team Chug does.

Watch how Team Chug does it…

Golf Etiquette Chug

Golf is a game that is great for relaxing your mind, putting all your troubles behind, and slamming back a few beers in the great outdoors. While it’s fun to drink, drive a cart, and shoot the shit with your friends, it’s still understood that you follow simple golf etiquette. That being said, make sure to keep your chugs as silent as possible. Shhhh…Cheers!

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ChugTag – Classical Chug

Us TeamChuggers like to participate in a countrywide game of tag from time to time, deemed ChugTag. The idea of this game is you post a Vine, Chug a beer (standard), and tag a friend. It is then their turn to do the same, and keep it going.
This particular night, I was feeling fairly classy, and decided the best way to pass the tag to my buddy PoopThoughts was to do so with classical music on, and in front of a very fancy looking digital fireplace. Cheers to classical chug elegance!

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