Chug Madness Round 3 – (1) Stone Self-Righteous vs (2) Anderson Valley Heelch O’Hops


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Chug Madness Round 2 – (1) Stone Self-Righteous vs (5) Deviant Dale’s IPA

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Chugs of the Month – February 2014

February was an interesting month for us here at Team Chug. We introduced our first brewery themed week with Stone Brewing. It was a hell of a week with some badass beers, Stone never fails to impress. Following that was our Fortnight of Stouts. We ventured into two straight weeks of beers that most people tip-toe around even when it comes to sipping because they’re intimidated. As professionals, we came out triumphant and chugged 8 beers for your viewing pleasure. Finally, wild card week brought you a look into what just happened to be sitting in the back of our fridge. The beers listed below have set themselves apart from the others this month. Team Chug brings you the Chugs of the Month for February 2014!

Stone Brewing Co.
Self-Righteous Ale
Chugged by Homebrews32

Some breweries use the space on the side of the bottle to tell a story. Stone brewing is one of the best when it comes to entertaining their customers, but with this beer they don’t have to. It speaks for itself. Self-Righteous Ale (Black IPA / American Black it whatever the hell you want) is a beer that literally tastes like everything. It has the perfect balance of hops, malt, citrus, chocolate, coffee, and carbonation. It seems like as they were brewing it one flavor kept overpowering the others, so they just upped the amount of everything else and kept doing so until it all balanced out and was chuck full of every ingredient that they had in the brewery. Whatever they did it worked to perfection, not to mention, the 8.7% ABV is enough to knock your ass out! Cheers!
Overall Rating:   9.3

Stone Brewing Company
Stone IPA
Chugged by PoopThoughts

I’m a big fan of this beer. I always have a six pack of “everyday” IPA’s in my beer fridge and Stone IPA is fully in the rotation. It’s reasonably-priced, mega-hoppy and super smooth. That’s everything I need in a daily drinker. I like trying lots of different new beers and anytime my liquor store brings in a new IPA, I always have to give it shot. I always come back to Stone, though, because I have yet to find one good enough to dethrone it. Take note, all you other brewers, cause Stone has got the IPA nailed down.

Overall Rating:   9.1

For comparison, we wanted to show you how these two brews stacked up against the rest of the playing field when it came to overall rating. Check it out.
Average February Rating:   7.8

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Stay tuned for March. Staying true to our style, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. We’ll have another brewery themed week, this time with a brewery that has a few locations, East Coast and up in the Rockies. Then with Spring rolling in, we figured you’d like to see a few beers of the lighter fare. Pale Ales don’t need to be boring tasteless low ABV brews. We hope to show you that some are actually extraordinarily delicious. As always, great beers, fast chugs, and ridiculous outfits. Chug on!