Welcome to Oskar Blues Brewery Week

This week Team Chug will be focusing on the pioneer of canned craft beer: Oskar Blues Brewery out of Longmont, CO. They’ve been putting huge, delicious beers into cans since 2002 and keep churning out new ideas every year, like the 19.2 oz imperial pint cans for Dale’s Pale Ale.

Oskar Blues Lineup

I have a special place in my heart for Oskar Blues because it’s the brewery that first got me interested in craft beer. I grew up drinking Busch Light (because it was cheaper than Bud Light) and when I moved to Colorado I switched to Keystone Light (because it was cheaper and basically indistinguishable from Coors Light.) Though these beers were easy to chug, they didn’t provide much in the way of taste, which at the time wasn’t an issue for me. Living in a shitty apartment and bouncing around temp jobs meant that price was the issue. When I first became interested in craft beer I wanted something that was reasonably-priced, but also had a high enough ABV to still get me properly buzzed. If I was going from 30 Keystones down to 12 craft beers for the same price, I required something that had double the alcohol as my chosen pale lager. That’s when I came across Old Chub. At the time I could get a 12-pack for around $16 and it was boasting an 8% ABV. Boom. That was my magic number. The rest is history.

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