Chug Madness 2014: Round 1 Recap & Sweet Sixteen Preview


The Sweet Sixteen has been set! Round 1 brought us some thrills. Great beers fell by the wayside, and some underdogs made huge upsets. A total of over 180 votes have been tallied, the results are in, and we have ourselves 16 amazing beers moving on towards greatness.

Round 1 Recap:

Stories of Perfection

Stone Self-Righteous came into battle against the play-in winner, Victory Headwaters Pale Ale. Honestly Victory never had a shot in this match up, and it was proven when it got swept by Stone. Top seed beats the bottom seed, nothing new here, but it was a landslide.

Dale’s Pale Ale whooped up on Ska Modus Hoperandi. We expected a few votes for Modus, being a solid brew that was coming in as a 6-Seed, but it got dragged around by the balls and tossed to the curb. Bravo Dale, bravo. See you in the Sweet Sixteen.

Nail Biters

A few of the games were decided by 1 vote. Stone Ruination IPA beat out Bell’s Two Hearted by only one vote. Both fierce competitors, but Stone had the backing to keep Ruination in the mix. Lucky for them, they have a few beers left in the bracket, in fact we’ll see a Stone vs Stone match up in Round 2.

Victory Golden Monkey hung in there by a thread, too, holding strong to beat out Founder’s Breakfast Stout. Founder’s was a tough competitor and a hell of a beer. I’ll tell ya, just because it lost hear doesn’t mean I won’t be buying it again…great brew.

Upsets…not so surprising..these are all great brews..

7-Seed Oskar Blues Ten Fidy showed that it had what it took to kick Odell IPA out of the bracket for good. 2-Seed Odell looked promising, and is one of PoopThoughts’ favorite beers, but Oskar Blues fans spoke and Ten Fidy will live to see another day.

Uinta Hop Notch came in as a 6-Seed and faced a VERY strong competitor in Lagunitas Maximus IPA (one of my favorite beers). This one wasn’t even close. Uinta fans are listening, and they want to see this beer take the win. This match up received by FAR the most overall votes of the first round…if I were any other brewery I’d be afraid to match up against Uinta.

Round 2 – The Sweet Sixteen has shaped up to be one hell of a round. The Beach Beauties bracket has a Stone VS. Stone match up, who will win? Oaked Arrogant Bastard or Ruination IPA? Over in the Mighty Mountains bracket we’re bringing you an Oskar Blues vs Oskar Blues, Ten Fidy vs Dale’s Pale Ale match up. The Hop Monster bracket has 4 beers remaining that are 4 of my favorite beers that I’ve reviewed so far. Lastly, The Gentle Giants bracket had NO upsets, so the 4 favorites have moved on and they’re ready to start throwing knock out punches.

The games will be played, the votes will be tallied, and we will have an Elite Eight for you by the beginning of next week. Keep your eyes peeled this week and help your favorite beer move on in this insanity that we’ve dubbed Chug Madness. Feast your eyes upon Round 2, the Sweet Sixteen, of Chug Madness!



Here at Team Chug, we’re big fans of NCAA basketball and March Madness and so we’ve decided to pay homage to it in the only way we now how: BEER CHUG BRACKETS! Except in this tournament, YOU have a say who wins.
Welcome to…

We’ve hand-picked 36 of our favorite 6-Second Beer Reviews from the past year and are pitting those beers against each other in a single-elimation tournament to decide the Chug Madness Super Elite Champion. The bracket will consist of 4 regions with 8 beers representing each region. If you know anything about math, that adds up to 32 beers, so why did we pick 36 you ask? Well, because we had problems narrowing it down and there were beers we didn’t want to leave out and to be honest, we just liked the added drama of some play-in games.

The way this will work is, we’ll post each matchup here on the website and also send out a tweet from @VineChug. We will let you, the people, decide what beer should move onto the next round by casting a vote via clicking retweet for one beer, or favorite for the other. If you don’t choose to be an acitive participant in the world of Twitter, then we will also have a poll directly on the matchup post here at Either way, this is your chance to let us know what you think of the beers we’ve been reviewing and which ones you think we’ve been wrong on.

Below you will find the play-in games that will guarantee each victorious beer entry into the 2014 Chug Madness Bracket. Stay tuned all through the week to vote on the 4 play-in matchups and for the grand revealing of the full 32-beer bracket. Let’s do this.

Play-In Bracket FinalFade