Chug Madness 2014: Gentle Giants Bracket Preview

Region: Gentle Giants
Chugger: Homebrews32
Favorite: Avery Brewing Ellie’s Brown Ale is probably the best brown ale I’ve ever had. Period. This bracket is representative of those beers that aren’t overloaded with hops. Browns, belgians, stouts, etc. That being said, this beer nails it’s style more than the rest. It’s weakness: I had never tried an Avery brew before this one. It’s highly available, but I don’t feel it’s too well known. Hopefully it proves me wrong, because this beer should go far.
Upset Special: Founder’s Breakfast Stout has a tough match up to start being pinned against a beast in Victory Golden Monkey. That being said, I feel that Founder’s has a pretty good following. Their Breakfast Stout is one of their top beers, and even though it’s seasonal, it has potential to throw some knock out blows in this bracket.
Cinderella: You wouldn’t normally hear of a 3-Seed being listed as a “Cinderella”, but it’s certainly the case here. Cambridge Brewing Company is a very local brewery, so they don’t have a huge footprint, but Audacity of Hops is one hell of a brew. I feel that even though it hasn’t graced the taste buds of a lot of Americans, those who have had the chance to try it might push it along through this Chug Madness tournament.