The 12 Beers of Christmas

It’s that special time of year where the air is crisp, children are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus and adults are stressing because they haven’t bought gifts yet and the malls are packed and they need to hang lights, but they’re all tangled and half of them don’t work and a bunch of in-laws are visiting, but the house is a mess and they’re ready to absolutely lose their shit if it wasn’t for one saving grace…


And here at TeamChug, we don’t just curl up in front of the yule log and sip beer out of an over-sized coffee mug. We drink beer the way that Randy Parker eats his mashed potatoes:


We’re not settling for one or two, either. We’re doing it like the song says. 12 days. 12 beers. 12 chugs. Welcome to…


The festivities start on December 14 and continue until the fat man comes down the chimney. We’ve chosen a dozen winter-themed beers that we believe capture the ambiance of the season and we’re going to review one per day in the manner in which you have become accustomed to seeing: 6 seconds or less. So put on your pink bunny suit and grab a seat next to the leg lamp because the 12 Beers of Christmas are upon us.