Team Chug is Gearing Up For 2014

Team Chug is pumped to announce that 2014 is going to be big. We’re talking like “Imperial” big…and we’re still going to cram it all into 6 seconds.

We’re still going to bring you official beer reviews and surprise beer chugs, but we’re also introducing guest reviews, site updates, themed weeks, and user review enhancements. Get ready for some BIG beers being chugged, more stupid hats, some sick ass beats, and team collaboration reviews.

We’re going to start off 2014 with a bang:
31 straight days of chugs for the month of January!


You heard me right, Professor Chinfat, and each one will be more glorious than the last.

Help us kick off the year right by visiting us every day in January to check out our fresh daily chug.