Stone Ruination IPA Review

Stone Ruination IPA
Ruination IPA
Stone Brewing
Escondido, CA
ABV: 8.2%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability:&#160 4
That’s because you’re not supposed to chug it, dummy. Whatever, I do what I want. But yeah, Ruination isn’t a wise choice for beer pong. It’s hoppier than Vince Carter in ’99 and more bitter than my ex-girlfriend. Sipping would be the way to go if I was the sipping type…but that ain’t me, babe.
How Much:&#160 6
I paid $10.99 for a 4 pack of this at the fantastic Incredible Wine and Spirits. Using my quick goat thinking I was able to convert that to a 6-pack price of $16.50. That’s fairly high-endish for a widely-available beer such as this, but after drinking it I think I understand why. It’s 150% of the price of their IPA because it has 150% of the hops. Mo hops, mo money. Or something like that.
Uhhh…Taste:&#160 8
This beer promised ruination and that’s what it did. My palate was vast wasteland after I finished. It’s like standing in the batter’s box while steroid-era Roger Clemens throws gigantic bitter hops-balls high and inside. I love their IPA and this is like taking two of those and fusing them together into one 12 oz beast. I generally love big IPA’s with big hops flavor and an ABV that will kick your ass, and this is a solid example. Having said that all that, I actually prefer their regular IPA and the price point makes it a no-brainer for me in the end.
Gettability:&#160 9
Stone Brewing distributes to 41 States and Ruination IPA is a year-round offering.

Overall Rating:   8.4

Song: Spoon – “My Mathematical Mind


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