Southern Tier Brewing Pumking Beer Review

Southern Tier Brewing Co. – Lakewood, NY
ABV: 8.6%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 2
Hahahaha. Do. Not. Try. To. Chug. This. Pumking is an 8.6% monster. Just because your girlfriend can rip down a pumpkin latte doesn’t mean that all things “pumpkin” are easy to chug. This is a beast. Be careful
How Much: 4
$7.99 for a 22oz bomber. I’m not feeling the mathematical magic it’d take to extrapolate that to 6-pack price at the moment, but I know it’s a ton. Deuce Deuce’s seem to cost a lot more per ounce than most brews, but this is still kind of outrageous
Uhhh…Taste: 9
What the hell is this? I’ve been sampling pumpkin beers all week and nothing is in the same ballpark as this brew. Pumpking smells like a pumpkin Yankee Candle, and tastes exactly like it smells. The spice notes in this brew are through the roof, and it’s more vanilla than pumpkin, but somehow that mimics the pumpkin pie flavor perfectly. You feel a bit of the 8.6% ABV heat but it isn’t overpowering, maybe because the sweet malt just takes you to a different world while you’re drinking it. Pumking is an entire mouthful, with a medium carbonation, and just tastes absolutely huge. Other beers flirt with the pumpkin style, but Southern Tier Pumking kicks the style in the teeth and leaves you wondering what the hell just happened. Stamp the hell out of this brew
Gettability: 5
Southern Tier is dominating the fall seasonal game in 33 states

Overall Rating:   9.3

Triumphant Tune: Disney (I guess) – I Just Can’t Wait to be King



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