Sixpoint Resin Imperial IPA Beer Review

Sixpoint Brewery – Brooklyn, NY
ABV: 9.1%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 6
Sixpoint Resin is a brew like no other. It’s a double IPA that clocks in at 9.1% ABV, making it worthy of the “Imperial” name tag. This will intimidate most when it comes to a chug, but we’ve been doing this for a while, so they’re pretty much all starting to go down like water. It’s got a thick heavy body just like that hot girl you knew from HS that came home looking “…curvy” after her freshmen year of college… The low carbonation makes this baby go down smooth
How Much: 5
Resin, along with many other offerings from Sixpoint, are sold in 4-packs. I like to get a little more bang for my buck and get a sixer, but when a beer is earning a stamp I’ll throw down a bit more for less. That’s why this 11.69$ 4-pack isn’t going to be in my fridge all the time, but it will definitely make its way in there again in the future
Uhhh…Taste: 8
Aaaaaand it’s stampin’ time! We need to get an official Team Chug stamp made that we can slap on packs of all stamped beers in the liquor store so you know that you’re getting the best damn beer out there. Anyway, onto Resin. This 9.1% ABV behemoth smacks you in the throat with 103 IBUs and a late alcohol burn that’ll leave you thinking “what the hell did I just drink?….I better have another to investigate.” It’s smells sweet, like smooth melted caramel. The sweetness pairs with citrusy notes to make a hoppy, thick bodied, bitter brew that’s balanced extremely well. It’s got a nice low carbonation to it with a late alcohol bite. At the time of this chug, I was sipping on another beer, a “sidebeer” if you will, that I thought was about a 7. After performing this act of chuggery, that 7 I was drinking tasted like a 4. I was confused as hell, but it definitely helped prove that my “8” rating was definitely the right choice for this resiny goodness. Stamp it!
Gettability: 6
This Brooklyn brewery is putting Resin on shelves year round in 20 states (5 with only partial distribution) in this great country we share, as well as our nation’s capital. It’s mainly found in the north east, Chi-Town to Boston, with Florida, Georgia, and Texas all lucky enough to be included in the mix

Overall Rating:   8.5

The rock-drop: The Black Keys – “Little Black Submarines”



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