Sixpoint Global Warmer Beer Review

Global Warmer Imperial Red Ale
Sixpoint Brewing Co. – Brooklyn, NY
ABV: 7.0%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 7
Team Chug made its first official shirt! You probably noticed it, because I almost forgot to film the chug. Luckily, you caught the tail end of this incredibly smooth chug. The beer has a nice medium body for an “Imperial Red”. It’s not overly thick so it disappears quickly
How Much: 6
Global Warmer comes in a 4-pack. This seems to be a new trend, if a beer is “good enough” it’ll be packaged with 4 brews instead of 6. I’m not the biggest fan of this tactic, but most of the time the price will be jacked way up for only 4 beers. Sixpoint didn’t do that, they’re only charging $9.49 for a pack of these. I wish I had 6, but I guess I’ll settle for 4
Uhhh…Taste: 7
What can I say about global warmer? Umm…it’s….different? It smells so friggin weird, it’s like cotton candy and a locker full of dirty socks. Don’t let the weird smell fool you, this tastes far from locker room shower water. It has a piney citrus hop flavor with a delicious candy-like caramel taste. It’s highly carbonated but it’s not overpowering. It’s almost as if you’re letting a hard caramel that was dipped in lupulin (the active ingredient in hops that causes bittering…science lesson…you’re welcome) melt away in your mouth with each sip. Great way to sip away the winter blues
Gettability: 3
Sixpoint puts Global Warmer on the shelves seasonally in 20 mid west / east coast states, and they are kind enough to include the Lone Star state

Overall Rating:   7.7

Krunk beats: LMFAO – “Yes”


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