Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Imperial IPA Review

Hoptimum Imperial IPA
Sierra Nevada – Chico, CA
ABV: 10.4%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 4
I feel like we should start posting warnings on our Vines. Do not try this at home. This is a monster of a beer. Like…it’s a 10.4% ABV, 100 IBU type of a monster. Approach with caution, this one isn’t an easy chug, but you’ll be going back for more, trust me
How Much: 9
I found this seasonal bad boy on the shelves of my local deliciousness provider for a mere $9.99 for a 6-pack. Are you kidding me? $9.99 for a beer this big, bold, and badass?! Sign me up every day of the week. Also, did you hear that it earned a TeamChug Stamp? This is a no brainer
Uhhh…Taste: 8
Wow. Just, wow. Hoptimum is the definition of a West Coast IPA. I typically like a beer that has a solid sweet malt balance to counter a big hoppy flavor, but you almost have to admire the arrogance of Sierra Nevada on this one. It’s as if some dude they didn’t like said to them “Your beers suck, man, they’re not hoppy at all!” and Sierra Nevada responded like “Oh no? How about this one, bitch? …Suck it.”

Hoptimum is packed with 100 whole cone IBUs of earthy, piney, tropical hoppy goodness. The initial kick of hops is enough to make a novice get the hell outta there, and even make a seasoned drinker raise his/her eyebrows with intrigue. It’s highly carbonated with a nice medium body. It leaves a lingering dry bitterness all the way from the tip of your tongue to the pit of your stomach for a good 5 minutes after just one sip. It’s enough to make a hop head hard any day. Stamped!
Gettability: 8
Hoptimum is one of three brews distributed throughout the year that Sierra Nevada refers to as their “High Altitude” line. It’s available for a third of the year during mainly the summer months….and you can find Sierra distributed in all 50 states. Boom, suckah.

Overall Rating:   8.7

Hybrid Beats: Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me Remixed by Travis Barker



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