Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Review

Ten Fidy Imperial Stout
Oskar Blues Brewery
Longmont, CO
ABV: 10.5%

Chuggability: 4
Good lord, this was a beast. This is the exact opposite of a chugging beer. It’s meant to be sipped and enjoyed slowly and cautiously. It’s meant to be treated with respect. But I have a problem with authority, so I attacked it with blatant disregard for my own safety. About two-thirds of the way through I didn’t think I was going to make it….but in the end I was victorious. Make no mistake, though, this is a huge, thick, complex beer and it put up a hell of a fight.

How Much: 6
I paid $12.99 for a four-pack at my local liquor store. That’s right at the top of the scale for your average four-pack beer, so you better know what you’re getting yourself into. I generally only get this about once per year when the weater outside is frightful. I like the big ABV, because it makes me feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck, but this is definitely just a “special occasion” beer for me. If you’ve never had it, though, it is 100% worth it to give it try at least once.

Uhhh…Taste: 8
Intense. Massive and complex and darker than the deep recesses of your soul. Picture a normal stout. Now picture it in a six-pack. Now imagine a can of Ten Fidy picking the entire thing up and swallowing it whole and belching up the label. That’s what it’s like. It’s a real beast. After it’s crushed the life out of your taste buds, the 10.5% kicks in like a two-by-four to the back of the head. The only thing keeping it from being higher here is that I’m simply not a huge stout-lover.

Gettability: 4
Ten Fidy is a seasonal offering and Oskar Blues distributes to 29 states.

Overall Rating:   8.5

Song: Avalanches – “Frontier Psychiatrist


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