Oskar Blues Old Chub Beer Review

Old Chub Scotch Ale
Oskar Blues Brewery – Longmont, CO & Brevard, NC
ABV: 8.0%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 7
Did you see this beer disappear?! Holy shit, not going to lie, at the first sip I was thinking “Oh man, this is a lot of flavor, lot of body, this is going to suck.” But, once that first gulp went down it’s almost like the rest defied science and evaporated into thin air. I’m not sure what I can attribute this to, but Old Chub was not the challenge that I thought it was going to be at 8% ABV
How Much: 5
Old Chub comes available in 6-packs for $9.99 around the city of Boston. Normally an amazing price for a craft brew, however I wasn’t wow’d by this Scotch Ale at all. Next time I’m almost sure to be spending my 10 bones on a different brew
Uhhh…Taste: 5
The “ugh” you hear at the end of the video was not planned in the least bit. Honest reaction to this beer. Oskar Blues normally doesn’t let us down here at Team Chug, but the flavors dominating this brew had me confused as all hell. Maybe I’m just not a Scottish Ale guy? I was overpowered by a sweet whiskey flavor and the alcohol wasn’t hidden at all. A huge syrupy body and good carbonation round out the..wait for it…mouthfeel of this beer. However, the whiskey notes really just left me scratching my head
Gettability: 7
You can find Old Chub across half of the country year round. That’s 25 states for those who had too many to do math

Overall Rating:   5.4

Blues Jam: Eric Clapton and John Mayer Live – “Crossroads”



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2 thoughts on “Oskar Blues Old Chub Beer Review

  1. Disagree with the review? We’d be glad to hear how you feel about the beer! Use our rating system and the comment section to post your views. I’ll sit back, crack a Ten Fidy (Stamped) and listen!

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      But seriously, Old Chub is like the girlfriend you had in high school. She served her purpose until you went to college and noticed that there were hotter, hornier girls everywhere. Thanks for the good times, Old Chub, but I’ve moved on to hornier beer.

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