Newburyport Pale Ale Beer Review

Pale Ale
Newburyport Brewing Co. – Newburyport, MA
ABV: 5.5%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 7
1..2..3..Chug! Newburyport Pale has everything you’re looking for in a great Pale Ale. Good medium body and a lot of carbonation that doesn’t overpower the brew. Light ABV at 5.5% so you can rip through a 6-pack at a cookout and not lose any friends by doing anything too stupid
How Much: 8
This is one of the best values I can find when I’m in the mood for a good beer that I can have a lot of. It can be found in MA and a few surrounding areas for $9.99 per 6-pack
Uhhh…Taste: 8
Where do I start? This little known gem has been one of the best finds for me in a long time. Newburyport Pale Ale is far from you average pale ale. Sure, it has the characteristics, nice light color, solid carbonation, and a fairly low ABV, but holy balls do they pack the flavor into this beer. It’s got an amazingly sweet sugary malt backbone with a huge hit of hops for a beer falling under the label of “pale ale”. It’s more like an IPA, but isn’t going to knock you out or make the beer novice shy away. I find myself picking up this sixer whenever I know I want to have a few beers and really really enjoy them. Stamp it!
Gettability: 2
Newburyport isn’t really distributing that far outside of Newburyport, MA. I’m lucky enough to be nearby in Boston. Suck it

Overall Rating:   8.8

Headbangin’ Ambiance: Rage Against the Machine – “Know Your Enemy”



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