New Belgium Fat Tire Beer Review

Fat Tire
New Belgium Brewing Company
Fort Collins, CO
ABV: 5.2%

Chuggability: 5
It went down alright for an amber ale, though it had some funky hops chunkiness to it that made it little rough towards the end.
How Much: 2
Someone left this at my house, though normally it’s around $9 for a 6-pack. The list of beers I would buy at that price instead of Fat Tire is long and distinguished.
Uhhh…Taste: 3
I grew up in Iowa and drank nothing but Busch Light throughout my formidable years. When I was 19, I drove out with my family to visit some relatives in Colorado and I tried Fat Tire for the first time. It was my first craft beer…and I hated it. You’d think you could chalk this up to inexperience or a weak palate, but here we are 15 years later and it still doesn’t do anything for me.
Gettability: 8
This is the anchor of New Belgium’s year-round lineup and you can get it in 35 states.

Overall Rating:   2.9

Ambiance: Fang Island – “Daisy”


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