Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale Review

lagunitas pale ale
New Dogtown Pale Ale
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Petaluma, CA
ABV: 6.2%

Chuggability: 7
Easy peasy. I’d even go so far as to say lemon squeezy.
How Much: 4
I bought it as a single, but my local liquor store sells it for $9.49 for a 6 pack. It’s not a bad price and it would get higher marks here, but for the same price I’d definitely buy their IPA or Brown Shugga or Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ instead. It basically gets punished becuase their other beers are so damn good.
Uhhh…Taste: 7
This is a fine example of a American pale ale. Hoppy, but light and not overpowering. It would be good in the summer months when you need to battle the oppressive heat. Once again, it’s good for this style but i find their other offerings to be far superior.
Gettability: 8
New Dogtown Pale Ale is a year-round offering and Lagunitas distributes to 34 states plus big sexy Canada.

Overall Rating:   6.9

Ambiance: The Unicorns – “I Don’t Wanna Die”


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