Eddyline Crank Yanker IPA Beer Review

Crank Yanker
Crank Yanker IPA
Eddyline Brewing
Buena Vista, CO
ABV: 7.25%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability:&#160 6
Yeah, she chugs alright. If I were going to enter a contest that required me to chug a half dozen IPA’s as fast as I could, this would probably make the short list of beers I would consider simply because it doesn’t have a lot of hops or complexity.

How Much:&#160 7
I paid $10.99 for a 6-pack of 16oz tallboys. After 3 hours of mathematical computations and 2 broken calculators I figured out that’s about $8.25 for a regular 6-pack of 12oz cans. Totally decent price for an IPA, but it’s certainly not a big, sexy hop-forward IPA. If you prefer a mild IPA and don’t have a lot of extra coin, then give this one a shot.

Uhhh…Taste:&#160 6
It’s ok, but just doesn’t have the big hops that I require in an IPA. It actually reminds me a little of Full Sail IPA. It’s light and easy-drinking and doesn’t have the bold flavors of a west coast style IPA. It’s more like a standard pale ale which puts it in the realm of “entry-level” IPA.

Gettability:&#160 1
Crank Yanker IPA is a year-round offering, but Eddyline Brewery has yet to distribute outside of Colorado.

Overall Rating:   6.6

Suggested food pairing:&#160 The neck meat of a Red-Tailed Hawk

Song: Kyuss – “Asteroid


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