Coalition Brewing Space Fruit IPA Beer Review

Space Fruit IPA
Coalition Brewing – Portland, OR
ABV: 7.0%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 4
Oh hey there citrus, how you doing? This brew was not an easy chug. The big citrus kick and 7.0% ABV put you in your place when you try to tackle it, but I was ready for another in a heartbeat. It’s as refreshing as a cold glass of OJ on a hot summer day
How Much: 10
Let me tell you a bit of a story here. I was on a bicycle brewery tour around Portland (self-guided with my lady). We pulled up and locked our bikes up (I think….just saying it in case the bike rental place is reading this…) and walked up to the door. It was our last stop of the day…needless to say we were hammered. When we poked our heads inside, we found the owner and head brewer just hanging out. They were closing up shop, but invited us in for a tour. We got to talkin’, and after showing us their entire brewing system, they poured us a sample of everything they had on tap, get this…for free. I was blown away. I obviously gave them a business card, and they immediately handed me a 22 of this delicious Space Fruit IPA…also for free. These guys were awesome, and I honestly wish them the best as their brewery continues to grow.
Uhhh…Taste: 9
An un-biased Stamp of Approval from Team Chug. Holy shit, Space Fruit is a badass beer. Like the name suggests, it’s fruity as hell. Loaded with citrus blasts of orange and lime. It’s rocking a medium carbonation, and a medium/heavy mouthfeel. It’s for sure a West Coast IPA, with a long lingering hop bite, but it’s just malty enough to support it well. You have no idea it’s 7% while you’re drinking it, so Space Fruit can easily hit you like a meteor before you know it, a huge plus in our eyes. It’s an anything goes IPA that’s not afraid to let the hops shine. 100% stamped, for sure
Gettability: 1
I believe this is a year-round offering from Coalition Brewing, however my sources aren’t showing them on my distribution map at all. You’re probably going to have to travel to Oregon to get this bad boy. Book yourself a flight, it’s worth it. Cheers!

Overall Rating:   9.1

Soundtrack: Feel it All Around (Portlandia Theme) – Washed Out



Coalition Brewing’s Website

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