Chugs of the Month – January 2014

This month of Chuguary we kicked in the doors to 2014 by bombarding you with 31 Days of Chugs. It has been a hell of a lot of fun for us (not so much for our livers) but we’re here to serve the people. We’ve had some GREAT beers, some bottled water garbage, and everything in between. Team Chug proudly presents the Chugs of the Month!

Stamped 90-minute
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
90 Minute IPA
Chugged by PoopThoughts

I look for three things in a beer:
1) Deliciousness
2) Cost-effectiveness and
3) Get me drunkiness.
This beer compares favorably with any other beer I’ve had this year on points #1 and #3 and is reasonable on #2. IPA’s are what I love. I’m not an expert and I’ve got a hell of a lot more of them to drink before I can claim to be one, but I know this is a damn fine beer. If there’s a smoother IPA with this high of an ABV at this price point, then I have yet to find it. But that’s just another one of the glorious parts about beer-drinking…someday I probably will. Here’s to the never-ending search for the perfect beer.
Overall Rating:   9.8

Weyerbacher Brewing
Merry Monks Belgian Ale
Chugged by Homebrews32

Merry Monks really blew me away. I was expecting a big Belgian flavor, sure, but holy shit this beer has it all. Its smooth as all hell, has that Belgian spice note at the end, and completely hides the high octane 9.3% ABV. That’s more than enough to land yourself a Stamp of Approval, and this month it was good enough to be my top beer. Cheers!
Overall Rating:   9.1

For comparison, we wanted to show you how these two monsters stacked up against the rest of the playing field when it came to overall rating. Check it out.
Average January Rating:   7.2

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Stay tuned for February. We’re throwing some big things your way. We’re kicking it off with a week of beers coming out of one BADASS brewery from California. Then we’re following that up by diving into the deep dark tunnels of the beer world and chugging two straight weeks of the blackest Stouts you’ve ever seen. BIG beers, fast chugs, and ridiculous outfits. What would you do without us? Chug on!

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