New Category at TeamChug: Homebrewing


“Does this Homebrews32 kid even brew beer? We’ve never seen any damn proof!” – Every TeamChug reader ever.

My answer? Hell. Yes. I. Do. And it’s about time I start a Homebrew category on, because why the hell not?! Is all of the information I’ll show ya all over the internet? Most likely, how do you think I learned it? What’s different about how I’ll display it, though, is I’ll do it with some damn flare and try my best not to bore the shit out of you like every other post about homebrewing that’s ever been written. There will be equipment tips, building tips, batch recipes, and of course, chugs.

All of that being said, welcome to the new section of our site, Homebrewing!


12 Beers of Christmas – Merry Christmas!


First things first, Merry Christmas!

As you know, we’ve been crazy busy getting ready for the big day. It was a time of trudging through malls, frustratingly wrapping up odd-shaped gifts, and ripping back 12 holiday brews for you!

We hope that these chugs have kept you entertained while you were dealing with all of the typical holiday struggles like cutting down you own Christmas tree, finding a Chinese food place open because the blood hounds got to your turkey, fixing your radio that somehow got shattered by the ice from the neighbor’s roof, warding off home intruders with common household items, squashing the beef between both sets of your in-laws, and finding your way through the candy cane forest on your way to the Lincoln Tunnel.

When the stresses of the holidays are getting to you, take a walk to your fridge, crack open a cold one, and rip it back to the beat of our 12 Beers of Christmas! Enjoy!

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Cinco de Sexty Chug-Off Tournament 2014


Yup, you’re seeing clearly, we sponsored our first party, and it was fucking epic. Don’t mind the fact that I’m drinking Coors Light, I needed them for my wizard stick (which was completed at the 15 beer mark around 10:00pm). I had a cup of craft beer with me on the side, so I didn’t spend the entire night only drinking silver bullets.

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Chug Madness 2014 – Tribute to the Champion

Initially we were going to post a 3000-word homage to Anderson Valley’s Heelch O’Hops for winning the 2014 Chug Madness tournament, but we only got 2 sentences in before we realized that the only proper way to pay tribute was by chugging a few of them. So without further ado, here’s PoopThoughts and Homebrews32 tossing back a 4-pack in 15 seconds.

Sport the Team Chug Official Chug Madness Champion T-Shirt!


The Inaugural Chug Madness Champion is Crowned

23 Breweries.

36 Beers.

6 Rounds of beer-chugging action.

One champion.

A wise man once said “It’s a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n roll,” and though he may not have had a beer-chugging bracket in mind when he wrote that, I think the idea still holds true. Anderson Valley’s Heelch O’Hops had a long journey to the top, but is now forever embedded in beer-chugging history after taking down a long list of worthy adversaries en route to becoming the 2014 Chug Madness Super Elite Champion.HeelchChampionImage
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Here at Team Chug, we’re big fans of NCAA basketball and March Madness and so we’ve decided to pay homage to it in the only way we now how: BEER CHUG BRACKETS! Except in this tournament, YOU have a say who wins.
Welcome to…

We’ve hand-picked 36 of our favorite 6-Second Beer Reviews from the past year and are pitting those beers against each other in a single-elimation tournament to decide the Chug Madness Super Elite Champion. The bracket will consist of 4 regions with 8 beers representing each region. If you know anything about math, that adds up to 32 beers, so why did we pick 36 you ask? Well, because we had problems narrowing it down and there were beers we didn’t want to leave out and to be honest, we just liked the added drama of some play-in games.

The way this will work is, we’ll post each matchup here on the website and also send out a tweet from @VineChug. We will let you, the people, decide what beer should move onto the next round by casting a vote via clicking retweet for one beer, or favorite for the other. If you don’t choose to be an acitive participant in the world of Twitter, then we will also have a poll directly on the matchup post here at Either way, this is your chance to let us know what you think of the beers we’ve been reviewing and which ones you think we’ve been wrong on.

Below you will find the play-in games that will guarantee each victorious beer entry into the 2014 Chug Madness Bracket. Stay tuned all through the week to vote on the 4 play-in matchups and for the grand revealing of the full 32-beer bracket. Let’s do this.

Play-In Bracket FinalFade

Welcome to Oskar Blues Brewery Week

This week Team Chug will be focusing on the pioneer of canned craft beer: Oskar Blues Brewery out of Longmont, CO. They’ve been putting huge, delicious beers into cans since 2002 and keep churning out new ideas every year, like the 19.2 oz imperial pint cans for Dale’s Pale Ale.

Oskar Blues Lineup

I have a special place in my heart for Oskar Blues because it’s the brewery that first got me interested in craft beer. I grew up drinking Busch Light (because it was cheaper than Bud Light) and when I moved to Colorado I switched to Keystone Light (because it was cheaper and basically indistinguishable from Coors Light.) Though these beers were easy to chug, they didn’t provide much in the way of taste, which at the time wasn’t an issue for me. Living in a shitty apartment and bouncing around temp jobs meant that price was the issue. When I first became interested in craft beer I wanted something that was reasonably-priced, but also had a high enough ABV to still get me properly buzzed. If I was going from 30 Keystones down to 12 craft beers for the same price, I required something that had double the alcohol as my chosen pale lager. That’s when I came across Old Chub. At the time I could get a 12-pack for around $16 and it was boasting an 8% ABV. Boom. That was my magic number. The rest is history.

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A Fortnight of Stouts


Team Chug is continuing it’s 6-second beer review onslaught with 2 full weeks of stouts. We find that sometimes it’s important to take on a supposed enemy of the chugging community and become besties with it. That’s why we’re welcoming a slew of big, dark beasts into the world of chug reviews.

Of course, chugging stouts isn’t exactly a new thing for us. Here’s a quick look back at a select few that we’ve done over the last several months. Scroll down and enjoy them, won’t you? Then check back every day for the next two weeks to see us continue pounding pints of that dirty motor oil.

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Welcome to Stone Brewing Week

Today marks the first of what we hope will be many brewery-focused weeks here at Team Chug, and what better way to kick it off than with one of the gnarliest breweries around. Stone Brewing out of Escondido, California puts out some fantastic hop-monsters all year round and then sprinkles in some of the finest seasonal and one-time brews that you’ll ever have. As much as we’d like to, we can’t chug all of their beers in one week, so we’ll just pick a few of their fine year-round releases and drink them like we’re the thirstiest men in the world. Keep checking back every day this week to see us review another Stone beer. In the meantime, go check out so see their full lineup and beers.

We’ll start by taking a look back at a review we did in October for their dry-hopped session amber:
stone levitation
Levitation Ale
Stone Brewing Company
Escondido, CA

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Team Chug is Gearing Up For 2014

Team Chug is pumped to announce that 2014 is going to be big. We’re talking like “Imperial” big…and we’re still going to cram it all into 6 seconds.

We’re still going to bring you official beer reviews and surprise beer chugs, but we’re also introducing guest reviews, site updates, themed weeks, and user review enhancements. Get ready for some BIG beers being chugged, more stupid hats, some sick ass beats, and team collaboration reviews.

We’re going to start off 2014 with a bang:
31 straight days of chugs for the month of January!


You heard me right, Professor Chinfat, and each one will be more glorious than the last.

Help us kick off the year right by visiting us every day in January to check out our fresh daily chug.