Bristol Laughing Lab Scottish Ale Review

Laughing Lab
Laughing Lab
Bristol Brewing Company
Colorado Springs, CO
ABV: 5%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability:&#160 7
I was a little surprised at how easily this went down, but maybe I shouldn’t have been. It’s a Scottish-style ale so it’s malty, not highly carbonated and doesn’t have a big hops speed bump to slow you down. I even had enough time to enjoy a good sliding afterwards. Don’t be afraid of the deep red hue and tip it skyward.

How Much:&#160 6
I bought this as a single, but my local liquor store sells it for $8.99 for a 6-pack. It’s a reasonable price and I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s really not in my wheelhouse. If I walk into a liquor store with $9 and change in my pocket, there’s a good chance I’m walking out with something else.

Uhhh…Taste:&#160 6
Even though this really isn’t my style, it’s a totally decent beer. It’s got a nice nutty malt flavor, but it’s by no means heavy. It kind of reminds me of having pouring half a stout into a lager and having it somehow work. I’d prefer a little more alcohol in a beer like this, but if Scottish ales are your thing, then you could certainly do worse.

Gettability:&#160 1
Laughing Lab is a year-round offering from Bristol Brewing Company, which distributes only within the glorious state of Colorado.

Overall Rating:   6.0

Suggested food pairing:&#160 A 4-inch section of deep-fried dreadlock.


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