Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Beer Review

Summer Solstice
Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Boonville, CA
5.0% ABV

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 5
The first half went down real smooth, but I struggled with the bottom. If I were to have another, I would certainly drink it just as fast, though, so as to get through it quickly.
How Much: 4
It was $9.99 for a six pack, but thankfully I bought it as an individual.
Uhhh…Taste: 2
I’m not a fan of fruity or sweet beers, so when I get mouthful of vanilla I tend to be upset. Tasted too much like cream soda to me. If I wanted some goofy fruit drink like apple ale or whatever the rage is, I would I have gotten one. Not my style, though.
Gettability: 6
Summer Solstice is only a seasonal offering, but Anderson Valley distributes to 30 states.

Overall Rating:   2.7


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