21st Amendment Brew Free! or Die IPA

Brew Free! Or Die IPA
21st Amendment Brewing – San Francisco, CA
ABV: 7.0%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 6
Don’t call it a comeback, we been drinkin fo’ yeaarrs. Been away for a while, back at ya with a new chug for the record books. Brew Free! Or Die is not for the novice chugger. It’s pretty highly carbonated and it’s up at that magical 7% ABV mark. It went down smooth as silk almond milk, but trust me this left a bit of a sting
How Much: 5
Brew Free! Or Die IPA was sold in a fancy boxed up 6-pack, with some fancy art work on the cans, for a fancy $11.49. You’re probably paying a bit extra for the packaging. That being said, the artwork is pretty incredible. I’m actually surprised I haven’t been sucked into buying a hell of a lot more of these 21st Amendment brews based solely on the graphic design
Uhhh…Taste: 8
Aaaaaand Stamped! Brew Free! Or Die IPA is loaded up with 6 different hop strains, making it a poster child for the bitter liquid gold we all know and love. It’s got a fairly high carbonation and decent head, like first year college caliber… The malts in this brew are interesting..you end up with a medium to full mouthfeel with just enough sweetness to dampen the cut of those hops. With the crisp clean finish the hop bitterness really settles in, though I’ve definitely had hoppier IPAs. Overall great experience, and I’ll most likely buy it again
Gettability: 6
17 states year-round. 21st Amendment makes themselves available mainly on the coasts, near the great lakes, and all the way up in Alaska. If you have a coastal view, or live in an igloo, you can probably find it, and we suggest that you do

Overall Rating:   8.1

All-time favorite band: Rage Against the Machine – Freedom



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