The 12 Beers of Christmas – Day 9: Upslope Christmas Ale



Christmas Ale
Upslope Brewing Company
Boulder, CO
ABV: 8.2%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 3
Almost met my match here. This one was a bear. Or maybe even a larger, hairier, angrier animal that resembles a bear. Like a yeti or a nuclear-powered bear. I kind of got cut off during the rating, partly because it took longer than anticipated to chug it, but also because I kind of moaned the rating like a drunken hyena. Either way, it was pretty rough.

How Much: 4
I bought this as a single in a BYO-six-pack, but my local liquor store sells it for $12 for a 4-pack of tall-boys. That equates to about $13.50 for a standard 6-pack. That’s too much for me to be a repeat buyer, but I wouldn’t be too entirely upset if I had bought 4 of these. I’d probably give a couple away in the spirit of the season and I’d feel good about that. On a normal trip to the liquor store, though, I’d likely spend my $13.50 elsewhere.

Uhhh…Taste: 5
Yeah, I know I said four, but I think I was a little too hard on this beer. Sometimes my emotions during a chug get the best of me and I say things I don’t mean. This one wasn’t terrible, it just just kind of snuck up on me. Subsequent tastings have proved to be a better experience. It may even be a 6. Anyway, it has the backbone of a dark Belgian ale with a heavy cloak of spiced fruit. It’s the spiciness that put me off at first, but in the end it kind of works. If you’re trying to avoid putting on weight during the holiday, use this as a meal replacement.

Gettability: 1
Upslope only distributes within Colorado and Arizona and Christmas Ale is available from November until January.

Overall Rating: 5.6

Suggested food pairing: Sage stuffing smoothie.

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2 thoughts on “The 12 Beers of Christmas – Day 9: Upslope Christmas Ale

  1. “The Chug was completed,
    And a 4 was belched out,
    Not the best rating,
    No good, no doubt,
    But as he sipped on another,
    His eyes widened, they say,
    And Poopthoughts’ small heart,
    Grew 3 sizes that day!”

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