The 12 Beers of Christmas – Day 7: Breckenridge Christmas Ale



Christmas Ale
Breckenridge Brewery
Denver, CO
ABV: 7%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 4
I mean, I chugged it. Didn’t take me long, either. But the thing is, I’m super awesome at chugging so sometimes I make it look easier than it is. This beer really isn’t easy to chug. Sorry if I’ve mislead you. Also, it was my fourth of the evening, so my neck muscles were nice and loose like your mom’s.

How Much: 5
I bought this as part of a build-your-own six-pack, but my local liquor store sells it for $8.99 for a half dozen. This particular style is not something that I would buy purposefully for myself, but if a co-worker was having a holiday party and they asked me to bring a festive beer with a Christmas-themed label, there’s a totally decent chance that I would bring this.

Uhhh…Taste: 4
Here’s the deal, if you drink amber and brown ales all year round and you want something with a little kick of Christmas to it then this could turn out to be a very special holiday gift for you. This style, though, is one that doesn’t typically please me and this one in particular doesn’t do anything to change my mind. It kind of tasted like a caramel apple soaked in an English strong ale. I saw this classified as a winter warmer, which is an apt description, but I’m already pretty toasty on the inside.

Gettability: 4
Breckenridge Brewery distributes to a very respectable 26 States, but Christmas Ale is only available for two brief months in the winter.

Overall Rating: 4.9

Suggested food pairing: Turkey gravy chaser.

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