The 12 Beers of Christmas – Day 12: Southern Tier 2XMAS


On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
Southern Tier Brewing Co.
Lakewood, NY
ABV: 8.0%

CHUG Rating:
Chuggability: 4
Southern Tier likes to throw the “2X” mark on all of their bigger beers, meaning they’re “Double”, or something. I should have taken that as a bit more of a warning, because this brew kicked my ass. It’s Christmas morning, liquefied and packed into a bottle. 8% ABV and all of the intricate flavors thrown in here make it a difficult chug, but I’d gladly rip through a six-pack
How Much: 8
Everybody take notice, because this is how it’s done. This is a Team Chug Stamped beer, sold in a 6-pack, for only $9.49. That’s hard to find, folks, so get out there and buy this brew. You’re welcome. Merry Christmas.
Uhhh…Taste: 8
Of all the beers chugged during the 12 Beers of Christmas, Southern Tier 2XMAS was the one that most defined the style of a holiday brew. The holiday spices are HUGE in this brew: cinnamon, nutmeg, pine, cloves and ginger are the most noticeable. The malts are accompanied by some figs, citrus, and various fruits. You could tell me “It tastes like…everything” and I’d have to agree with you. The 8% ABV warms you up, which is perfect in a winter brew. Southern Tier did it right. Start off your Christmas morning with a 2XMAS or you’ll be doing yourself an injustice. STAMPED!
Gettability: 5
It may not be available on Christmas day, but for a few weeks before and after the holiday you can find 2XMAS on shelves scattered across 33 states

Overall Rating: 8.7

Suggested food pairing: Deep Fried Gingerbread-Man Thighs


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